Everything you ever wanted to know... and asked. Each month, PJ's Car Wash Park mails surveys and makes random courtesy calls seeking customers opinions, comments, and recommendations for better service. There have been some recurring questions, so here goes our attempt to answer the frequently asked ones.

Q. How many gallons of water is required to wash a vehicle?
A. Generally, 35-40 gallons are required to rinse most vehicles.

Q. Can the VIP membership be frozen?
A. Yes, memberships can be frozen up to three months, which is ideal for many residents who spend winters elsewhere or for those who travel. Inform the staff at the front desk and they'll assist you in your needs.

Q. What can I do if I'm trading in a vehicle and have time left on a club?
A. Come in with your membership card and we'll remove your old vehicle from the system and re-code your new vehicle membership card.

Q. How can I get my picture up on the canopy?
A. Just ask! We will update pictures of our customers periodically.

Q. How long has Donny worked at PJs?
A. This year marks his 27th year.
Q. How long is the conveyor which pushes the cars through the wash?
A. It's 210 feet long, said to be one of the longest in the country.

Q. What happens if the vacuuming is not up to par?
A. Just let us know and we'll accommodate. We want you to leave satisfied.

Q. What was the most vehicles washed in one day at PJs?
A. Our biggest day was 1,510 vehicles. Our staff slept well that night!

Q. Why is there no cell phone use?
A. Customers are waiting in line behind you for you to either get out of your vehicle or to pay at the register while you are talking.

Q. Why is vacuuming not always done properly "between the seats and rear cargo area"?
A. Most days we have 3 vacuum operators in the back and one in the front to touch up. Between the seats and console is very difficult because the vacuum nozzles won't fit down between the seats and console. Also, rear cargo areas are a problem to vacuum when it is loaded with personal items. Dog hair is next to impossible to remove with the amount of time alloted to vacuum seats and floors. Also, our vacuums are not equipped with the type of attachments to remove the hair.

Q. Why are there two lanes? Why don't people use both lanes? Why do customers get mad when another customer uses both lanes?
A. 1. The police for safety reasons don't want vehicle lines overflowing into the streets.
2. There are 7 signs saying, "please form two lines and always use the shortest one". Some customers are not reading the signs or are on the cell phone not paying attention.
3. Because they are not properly reading the signs or not paying any attention.

Q. Why are there no dogs allowed inthe walkway or the lobby?
A. Many customers with dogs are wonderful, but the few that are unreasonable forced us to enforce this policy. Customers are complaining that dogs are jumping up on the them or sniffing around them. Also, dogs have done their business in the walkway and owners have refused to clean up the mess and other customers had walked through the mess.